lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Ethical and ecological tourism

Amazon Heliconia wants that the people take care of his surroundings in a land that has not occupied the civilizationand still today it conserves his natural state, is necessary to defend and to respect the environment.

It’s not only vacations in the Amazon, also is Amazon ecotourism, knowing the customs the native ones, the fauna and the flora, the local activities, far from cellular and Internet sensitizes the visitors so that they are responsible for the conservation of the Amazonia.

The Amazon tourism privileges the preservation of the territory and avoids situations like the deforestation, helping to the sustainable development of the place, without indirect effect like the climatic change, that affectthe hydrologic cyclesand the forests.

For this reason the amazon jungle tour is the best option for the well-being of the inhabitants and the rainforest.

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011

Live Amazon Heliconia

Natural Reserve Amazon Heliconia, invites to participate in an adventure without precedents, make your Amazon Travel from the 10 to the 15 of September of 2011, for U$290, 500.000 pesos approximately (local currency), to enjoy the region, its local activities, its wealth of fauna and flora.

The plans to realize are: visits to native communities to know on its customs, social and political conformation, indigenous tattoos, besides the native practices as it fishes artisan and traditional.

Also you will find activities for the relaxation and diversion like canoeing over inundated forest, exotic birdwatching, jungle trekking with native guides, strolls to the lakes that surround the reserve, nocturnal exit observing caimans, bath in natural swimming pools, sighting of fauna and flora of the zone, pink dolphin-Watching and canopy.

martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

The Majesty of the Amazon Rainforest

The ecological trek is a tour from the ecological paths of the tropical jungle observing and enjoying the nature in company of native guides who will teach the tourist to hunt, to eat and to sleep in the forest, likewise they will make the tourist get in touch with the fauna and native flora like the swamps, the forest, lakes, the Amazon river; which possess sweet water and are a point of meeting of local and migratory birds, you can practice birdwatching, and observe reptiles like tortoises, crocodiles and many species more.

To know and to admit the majesty of the Amazon while you practice your Amazon excursion, is one of the options that Amazon heliconia offers in its plans of Ecotourism, they are activities that can turn the Amazon travel into a unique experience.

martes, 9 de agosto de 2011


The Canopy that tourists practices in the Amazon excursion, consists in crossing a forest or a marsh, over the undergrowth, using a cable as mechanism of displacement.

The Canopy is an extreme sport invented by the same aborigines of the tropical jungle of the Amazon.

It was created for being able to cross the jungle without fear of sudden assaults of animals or simply with the intention of reducing the time of displacement from a community to another.

The speed, the dizziness and the adrenaline that develop with the practice of this sport, are one more invitation, in order that the world spends his vacation in the Amazon rainforest

lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Canoeing relaxing activity

During the Amazon vacation you will be able to do canoeing, with canoes built by the native people from the Amazon jungle.

Besides of rowing and to do the lakes tour, that in season of rain turn into one big lake, in the Amazon excursion from the rainforest, you will be able to enjoy a majestic landscape, birdwatching, and more.

Canoeing, is an aquatic sport that is practiced on a light boat, the boat is sailed by one, two or four persons (but not three).

Canoeing appears as a consequence of the need, which the man has had from his origins of dominating the water. For it, many former cultures designed simple boats, of peculiar characteristics and great maneuverability, safety and efficiency to sail there where the nature turn out hostile.

The words "piragua" and "canoe" are American terms that belong to the languages arahuacas, used to name to two types of characteristic boats of the taína culture.