lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Native instruments The Hammock

If you make the amazon travel, cannot deprive yourself of the tradition to take a “siesta” in hammock, is possible to feel completely like a native one, after a sunny day of traditional fishing, ecological long walks or canopy.

These elements for the rest are original, colorful, comfortable and easy to install, the hammocks are made of cotton, aloe fiber or toots, their production also is an activity that realize the indigenous tribes of the region.

The Amazon tourism allows the visitors to free itself of the routine, to relax, to rest, to sleep, even in some cases, enjoying the rainforest birdwatching, all this, from a hammock.

At present the hammocks serve as a decorative article but in the Amazon excursion is a fundamental instrument for the demurrage because it allows to sleep, for example, in places separated from the residence or to observe the nocturne sky.

lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

The birds of the Amazon Gucamayas

One of the exotic species of birds in the Amazon are the Guacamayas, these birds that come from the family of the parrots, are original of America and occupy the entire continent from Mexico to Argentina, especially in the rainforest.

In Amazon Heliconia one of the activities to practice is the rainforest birdwatching, being the Guacamayas the center of attention of the tourists by its colorful and beauty.

These animals are very sociable, they are attractive for the visitors because they imitate sounds and words, besides their plumage with alive colors like red, blue and yellow, nevertheless they are in threat of extinction because sometimes they are captured for its commercialization, and the deforestation also represents the loss of its habitat.

In the Amazon excursion will be possible to observed near the Javari River, feeding itself on the fruits of the trees, the flowers and its nectar, in the contact with the Ara (technical name) it allows to sensitize to travelling on these species and their care becoming the experience the Amazon tourism.

lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

Good bye technology

The Amazon excursion is an unforgettable experience, the contact with the nature, the animals and the population is a unique practice, because it leaves the routine, moves away of the city and the new technologies like cellular and Internet.

Amazon Heliconia wants that their visitors take advantage of all the local activities that can be realized without needing electricity or movable devices, when becoming disconnected of the world, can be appreciated the beauty of the place and be enjoyed their flora and fauna.

Nevertheless, you can register the Amazon jungle tour, those important and insurmountable moments, the tourists have electricity by three hours, from the 6 of afternoon to the 9 at night, so that they load his cameras.

Thus they will be able to record and to take photographs from the customs of the indigenous communities, the pink dolphin-watching, the traditional fishing, the rainforest birdwatching, canopying and other workings that can be realized in the zone.

miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

Preventive measure

One of the considerations for the Amazon excursion, for nationals and foreigners, is the application of the Yellow Fever Vaccine, because in tropical climate (rainforest) is probable that the disease is transmitted.

The vaccine is very effective, in addition it is an indispensable requirement to the Amazon Jungle tour, the tourist must have an injection of a single dose 10 days or more, before realizing the Amazon ecotourism.

The yellow fever takes place in some countries of Africa and South America because of a little fly that is infected, bringing about in the infected people symptoms like fever, signs similar to the influenza, yellow skin or eyes (jaundice), hemorrhages and malfunction of vital organs (liver, kidneys, respiratory system, etc.)

The vaccine only needs reinforcement after 10 years, and it is applied in future moms of 9 months until the 59 years. Live this unique experience without worries, and enjoy the wonders from Amazon travel.