jueves, 26 de abril de 2012


The objective of Amazon Ecotourism is to identify the species that are in danger or defenseless against human actions and deforestation of the forest of the areas in which they live.

The sloth is an herbivorous animal that dedicates itself to arboreal locomotion, meaning, climbing trees and hold its branches, they are dumb on the floor because they’ve lost their capacity to handle it, when you get to do the Amazon jungle tour you will see that the male is solitaire while the female walk around in herd.

They live in the rainforest region of South America, there are two known types of sloth families that you will see in the Amazon Vacation: the two finger sloth and the three finger sloth, they both have strong, long nails in a sickle shape that helps them stick to the trees.

They get to 75cms and a total weight of 5,5k, the great collaboration that this animal does to the region is the biomass to the rainforest, giving back to the floor nutrients when he defecates, from there, the importance of knowing the characteristics of each specie when you do the Amazon tourism.

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miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012


Heliconia Amazon Reserve is named after the family of heliconias, herbaceous plants, exotic wildlife found in the region of Central America and South America, in the Amazon tourism travelers can see variety of Heliconia.

Those plants have different primary colors and have irregular shapes, heliconias are currently export, but tourists can identify them on the trip to the Amazon travel.

The heliconias are tropical plants because they need to develop, moisture and heat, the Amazon Rainforest items offered that, these ornamental flowers can become edible, the trip down the Amazon Excursion leaves used to wrap food.

The Amazon Ecotourism wants to help environmental conservation and protection of species, heliconia plants are long duration and its main function is to protect natural water sources.

martes, 3 de abril de 2012

Yavari River

The Yavari River is one of the rivers that belong to the Amazon, also is known like Javari River (in Portuguese), is located in the border between Peru and Brazil, in the Amazon jungle tour it is the zone with greater distribution of flora and fauna of the Earth.

In the Valley of the Yavari, the activity that attracts the tourists and scientists is the amazon bird watching, because there they live several species of birds, near 500, due to the existence of enormous trees and the river that are their food sources.

The Yavari River has an extension of 1,050 km of which approximately 400 km are only navigable from the Boca to Palmeira; in the rest of the trajectory you can practice Amazon fishing tour in small vessels like canoes.

When you make the Amazon excursion, specifically in the zone of the Yavari, you will be able to identify and to know the establishment of several indigenous tribes like matis, matses, kulina and mayoruna.