jueves, 26 de abril de 2012


The objective of Amazon Ecotourism is to identify the species that are in danger or defenseless against human actions and deforestation of the forest of the areas in which they live.

The sloth is an herbivorous animal that dedicates itself to arboreal locomotion, meaning, climbing trees and hold its branches, they are dumb on the floor because they’ve lost their capacity to handle it, when you get to do the Amazon jungle tour you will see that the male is solitaire while the female walk around in herd.

They live in the rainforest region of South America, there are two known types of sloth families that you will see in the Amazon Vacation: the two finger sloth and the three finger sloth, they both have strong, long nails in a sickle shape that helps them stick to the trees.

They get to 75cms and a total weight of 5,5k, the great collaboration that this animal does to the region is the biomass to the rainforest, giving back to the floor nutrients when he defecates, from there, the importance of knowing the characteristics of each specie when you do the Amazon tourism.

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