jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012

Vegetation in the Amazon Rainforest

The vegetation of the Amazon rainforest can be classified in to three groups according to their height and sun filtering.

In the Amazon excursions you can identify the three groups: the giant trees such as acacias, intermediate species that are between 10 m and 40 m in height, and species in which mostly leaves decay organisms are found.

Thanks to the temperature and humidity of the jungle you can enjoy in the Amazon jungle tour of the lush vegetation that is formed in this part of the world, where it is estimated there are more than 60,000 species of trees.

Contemplate on Amazon vacation the formation of this great number of vegetation that does support thousands of species of birds, amphibians and insects.

miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

Temperature of the Amazon

The climate in the Amazon jungle tour is marked by topographic and physiographic features of the area. It usually has a tropical climate usually warm and moist during all months of the year, favoring the formation of the tropical rainforest.

On Amazon excursions you can enjoy an average temperature of 27 º C. In addition to at hat has no dry season due to the constant rain through out the year.

The benefits of the temperature on the Amazon Vacation allows tourists to perform different activities to meet this are a rich in the formation of plants species and numerous species of mammals, reptiles, fish and birds.

lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

An unforgettable experience

The Amazon Heliconia reserve is in the mouth at the Amazon River, and delimits with Peru, it is far of the civilization, in the Amazon jungle tour you will find biodiversity, and spices belonging to Amazon Rainforest.

The Hotel kurupira location is in Leticia and delimits with Brazil, there you will find a floating environment, starting in this way the Amazon travel through the Amazon River, also you can see an exotic spices such as pink dolphin, it is recognized for its long body and for being slow and lonely animal.

In the reserve you can stay in the Amazon Lodge, and enjoy the wonders of the forest, the environment is relaxing and quiet, inspires the adventure instinct, the Amazon jungle tour is the best choice to find adventure, by exploring the virgin jungle.

The Amazon excursions gives you a perfect environment to share with the nature and to find you’re self.

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Live your best adventure

The Amazon travel, is the perfect place for everything you ever imagined, journeys into the most inhospitable and unexplored jungles of the world, a heavenly land where you can mix adventure with the beauty it provides. Possessing of a unique biodiversity in the world, has one of the longest and mightiest rivers in the world which shows its magnificence.

Within the area inexplorable, provides various forms of interaction, where you can develop an Amazon jungle tour in the Reserve hotel. You will have experiences with different cultures and ethnic groups, with exceptional traditions to mother earth.

This reserve integrates the unique wildlands of the Amazon, in an atmosphere of grandeur for tranquility and comfort. A place for your Amazon vacation having the great pleasure to be in a completely natural environment away from saturations in the world today, an area located between the borders of Peru and Brazil.

Lodge as reserve gives us majestic species of fauna and flora. We have samples of gastronomical diversifications so you can feel the endemic wealth of the Amazon rainforest.

jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

The Amazon mystical destination

The trend of ecotourism had its beginnings in the 80s. Since then the options of destinations has increased and is now possible to visit unique places around the planet. The Amazon rainforest is one of the favorite destinations for international tourists.

The sensitizes the tourist, wrapped in an unknown world where the magic of the flora and wildlife come together in a fantasy setting. The stay in the cabins of the Amazon Lodge, of the Reserve Natural Heliconia, equipped with beds, hammocks, lamp and private bathroom, will let you escape the routine, away from the civilization or communications.

This Amazon jungle tour will allow you to integrate with the legendary atmosphere that only this region can offer, discover your spirit of adventure while touring the most spectacular landscapes.

lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Vacation season in the amazon

Do the Amazon jungle tour in June or July, and take advantage of the wonders that this land has to offer, such as the huge jungle, one of the biggest rivers of the world, and the Amazon rainforest that is considered the world’s main lung.

Forget about the work, stress and contamination, in this place you’ll breathe fresh air, and you’ll get distracted with the native activities such as fishing, paddling canoes while watching the vegetation and animals. Also, if you like adventure, canopying is fundamental so you can live the Amazon ecotourism.

To complete the Amazon tourism we have the natural pools reserve, without chemicals affecting your skin or the environment, for that reason, think no more and enjoy this paradise with its exotic flora and fauna.

For the Amazon travel in Amazon Heliconia we have a great deal, 4 days, stay from Saturday June 30 through Tuesday July 3rdfor just 600.000 cop per person y 5 days, from Sunday, July 22 until Thursday July 26th for just 600.000 each.

viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

Meet the best Amazon hotels

Take advantage of the vacation season and visit the Amazonas, enjoy the local plans and the huge biodiversity we offer at the Reserva, also, you will be able to stay in the Amazon lodge, so you can feel like a native.

Have the greatest experience of your life, doing the amazon jungle tour, where you’ll get in touch with animals and exotic plants, guided by indigenous that have great knowledge of the place, they will share secrets and myths with you.

So you can feel the comfort at this faraway from civilization land, you can lodge at the Amazon hotels, Amazon Heliconia gives you the perfect plan, lodge at the Kurupiras, that are confortable, and luxurious floating cabains, all made with local materials.

Don’t forget that in the reserve you’ll be closer with indigenous communities and their milenary practices, from housing construction until the use of plants for medicine elaboration, all of this, and more in the amazon excursions.

miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012

Harpia Eagle

In the amazon travel the tourists are surprised by the large number of birds upon the trees and flying in the sky in this region, the weather and the affluents help to the emergence of wild life moreover it becomes in the best choice of habitat of too many animals.

Also the place that allows amazon bird watching, not only for variety but because some species are unique in the Amazons, even most of them hold the title of the biggest in America and the planet.

It is the case of the Harpia Eagle that is consider the biggest bird in the world within other cualities also it is the most predatory thanks to its claws, in the amazon jungle tour the visitors can find the harpy eagle in the region of the Orinoco and the Amazon

The Harpia Eagle reach a size of 110cms and a weight of 9kg, it live in the humid forest of South america, its feeding is made up of mammalians that generally are arboreal like sloth or monkeys, in the amazon tourism you can see its great size and proportion.

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

Wood carving

Wood carving still one of the local practices that natives use to build cabains, and you as a tourist will discover that in the Amazon Travel, when you get to stay in the Reserva Amazon Heliconia.

All of our buildings are made of wood, from the bed to the ornaments, in order to create a quiet, rustic and local environment so you can get good rest in the amazon jungle tour.

Also, the indigenous have used wood to make canoes and utensils, in this way it has been transmited from generation to generation the amazon fishing tour.

A lot of animal shapes have been wood carved, and you will find them in the Amazon jungle tour; these objects are representative of the region and used to worship gods or as decoration elements.

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Summer vacation in the Amazon

Begin know, plan a amazon jungle tour for the vacation season, in this place you will enjoy a broad and exotic vegetation, from the natives and its manners, or from local recreative activities.

Your stay will be unforgeteable, because in the amazon excursion you will lodge in the Kurupiras that are the new alternatives offered for resting; this structures are floating cabains that work as a room or restaurant according to the case.

Between the native activities you can do are the amazon bird watching, dolphins or fishing, and for your tranquility on any walk around you will be accopained by a local guide.

Doing the ecotourism through the Amazonas, you will get in contact with the species in danger of extinction that are fighting to survive hunting, deforestation and weather changes.

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012


The objective of Amazon Ecotourism is to identify the species that are in danger or defenseless against human actions and deforestation of the forest of the areas in which they live.

The sloth is an herbivorous animal that dedicates itself to arboreal locomotion, meaning, climbing trees and hold its branches, they are dumb on the floor because they’ve lost their capacity to handle it, when you get to do the Amazon jungle tour you will see that the male is solitaire while the female walk around in herd.

They live in the rainforest region of South America, there are two known types of sloth families that you will see in the Amazon Vacation: the two finger sloth and the three finger sloth, they both have strong, long nails in a sickle shape that helps them stick to the trees.

They get to 75cms and a total weight of 5,5k, the great collaboration that this animal does to the region is the biomass to the rainforest, giving back to the floor nutrients when he defecates, from there, the importance of knowing the characteristics of each specie when you do the Amazon tourism.

Enjoy the Amazon jungle tour Experience! Contact Us

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012


Heliconia Amazon Reserve is named after the family of heliconias, herbaceous plants, exotic wildlife found in the region of Central America and South America, in the Amazon tourism travelers can see variety of Heliconia.

Those plants have different primary colors and have irregular shapes, heliconias are currently export, but tourists can identify them on the trip to the Amazon travel.

The heliconias are tropical plants because they need to develop, moisture and heat, the Amazon Rainforest items offered that, these ornamental flowers can become edible, the trip down the Amazon Excursion leaves used to wrap food.

The Amazon Ecotourism wants to help environmental conservation and protection of species, heliconia plants are long duration and its main function is to protect natural water sources.

martes, 3 de abril de 2012

Yavari River

The Yavari River is one of the rivers that belong to the Amazon, also is known like Javari River (in Portuguese), is located in the border between Peru and Brazil, in the Amazon jungle tour it is the zone with greater distribution of flora and fauna of the Earth.

In the Valley of the Yavari, the activity that attracts the tourists and scientists is the amazon bird watching, because there they live several species of birds, near 500, due to the existence of enormous trees and the river that are their food sources.

The Yavari River has an extension of 1,050 km of which approximately 400 km are only navigable from the Boca to Palmeira; in the rest of the trajectory you can practice Amazon fishing tour in small vessels like canoes.

When you make the Amazon excursion, specifically in the zone of the Yavari, you will be able to identify and to know the establishment of several indigenous tribes like matis, matses, kulina and mayoruna.

lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Victoria Regia

When you make the Amazon jungle tour you will be able to delight with the water irises called Amazonian Victoria or Victoria Regia, these big aquatic flowers are of the main attractions of the lakes and rivers of the Amazonia.

In the Amazon excursion, the travelers enjoy the scent to apricot that gives off when it open their leaves at night after the 6 of afternoon and closes them on the following day approximately at 9 in the morning.

This big aquatic plant has purple and white colors, the flower has a 40 cms diameter, is similar to the loto flower and is considered the biggest of the world; in the Amazon tourism you will find not only this species, also animals and plants of great size.

Their stems reach to measure about 7 or 8 meters, the Victoria Regia is always submerged in the water, in the Amazon travel, is common to see small animal and birds resting on their leaves that reach a diameter of 7 meters.

martes, 13 de marzo de 2012


Among the gastronomical plans of the Amazon vacation, the visitors will find an exquisite dish that will test your palate mojojoy is a type of worm food that can be ingested still alive or fried.

In the Amazon rainforest tours, the travelers will find in this food proteins and nutrients able to offer to the human being defenses and antibodies that guarantee the good operation of their immunological system.

This larva is considered an exotic food in the Amazon tourism, also is one of the most consumed food of the Wuitotos natives, mojojoy were even the replacement of the fish in season of shortage avoiding the undernourishment of the tribes.

The worms are found in “the Moriches” palms of the region, the travelers of the Amazon jugle tour that has proven the worms assure that the flavor is similar to the peanut in addition that is exquisite.

martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Visits Unforgettable

If you are thinking about Amazon tourism, the Reserve Amazon Heliconia offers an excellent plan for you to practice all the millenarian activities that are lasts in the memory of the native ones, creating a space to escape of the routine.

For the interested ones in the fauna, the amazon bird watching is an exceptional option to glimpse exotic and unique birds of the region; some of them endangered species because of the hunters and the illegal animal traffic.

Let the rural practices as navigation in canoes and the traditional fishing amaze you, this way you will become the protagonist of the Amazon fishing tour.

For the next month, we offer a plan of 5 days in the Reserve, so you live the Amazon tourism, for US$ 337 or COP$ 600.000 each person, from March 4 to 8, or it prefers from April 3 to 6 for US$ 281 or COP$ 500.000 each person.

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Forest of the Amazonia

The Amazonia has been characterized to have a huge tropical forest and vegetation, by which it receives the title of “Lung of the World” the zone is located in the central and northern part of South America, which extends by the Amazon River, one of the attractions of the Amazon tourism.

This area is perfect to practice Amazon tourism, watching the environment, the ecosystem and the great fauna that lives there, thanks to the extensive and dense forest that is the big source of oils, resins, rubbers and plants to make medicines.

On your Amazon vacation you will be able to recognize three types of trees in the forest, first the highest, they reach an approximate height of  180 ft, those receive solar rays directly, thats why you can observe a great variety of animals.

 Also in the Amazon ecotourism, you will find the second type, which have an approximate height of 100 ft, these are underneath the trees that conform the vault of the forests and they must adapt in the shade because the light they receive is very few, that happens to the underbrush that is compound of shrubs, small grass and plants, these receive less light if it is compared with the intervals.

martes, 14 de febrero de 2012


One of the activities that our visitors practice in the Amazon travel is the canoeing, this work requires of a physical effort because it is impelled and moved with the human force.

In the Amazon vacation you will practice the canoeing in its more primitive version evoking the old indigenous communities that transmitted this modality of transport from generation to generation until the activity arrived and restored in the communities that inhabit the Amazon today.

Generally to know and practice the Amazon tourism there are used small boats to travel in the water, the canoes are made of wood that has been removed from the trunks of the trees that are perforated and charted to give the pointed shape.

In Amazon Heliconia, the Amazon jungle tour is practiced in these canoes, they are driven by shovels or in a language more technician by oars, the oars are located in the opposite direction of the people, since people are giving the wished direction and observing the crossed landscape.

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

Local Weather of the Amazon

The weather conditions of the Amazon are due to their geographic location, because is surrounded by forest and a big affluent, the second greater river of the world, that has the same name, the Amazon.

In the Amazon jungle tour, the visitors must be ready for a dry time and a rainy one, the department of the Amazon has three types of weather according to the zone, in the south the weather is super humid, in center is humid and in the north  is slightly humid.

To enjoy the dry time, you must practice the Amazon tourism from June to October where you will find temperatures 27°C (80.6°F), November and December are the warmest months registering 35°C (95°F) in the denominated jungle region and 21°C (70°F) in the zones of mountain range.

In the Amazon excursion, the months with most rains are March and April, however the coldest months are June and August, nevertheless whatever time of the year, the humidity is the queen in this area with an annual precipitation between 3,000 and 3,500 mm.

martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Natural swimming pools

One of the the wonders that a wild habitat like the Amazonian forest offers to the travelers who visit the place, are the natural swimming pools, free of chemicals like chlorine, product destined to the conservation of the water.

The maintenance of the water is made through the same nature, the aquatic plants are the source of microorganisms that are able to eliminate bacterium and absorb the impurities, present in the water and therefore the Reserve becomes the first option for the Amazon ecotourism

Another factor, that is emphasized in Amazon tourism, is that the swimming pools are integrated to the nature, you can also have contact with small fish or the vegetation. 

Besides enjoying the Amazon jungle tour and the natural swimming pools, you wont suffer the irritation of your eyes or allergy in the skin caused by chemicals, therefore the water will be in his original state.

martes, 24 de enero de 2012

Amazon Rainforest Plants

The Amazonian forest, due to the water affluent and the tropical climate, allows the biodiversity of plants, in their majority exotic and unique, besides, in the Amazon excursions, the visitors will be able to know their properties decorative or medicinal.

The use of plants with curative aims is an ancient practice from the indigenous tribes living in the Amazon jungle, and nowadays the tourists can witness this practice in the Amazon jungle tour.

Nevertheless, the exact number of plants used for such aim is not known, neither its chemical characteristics or the process that the native ones use to transform them. This traditional practice has been affected by the deforestation of the Rainforest, that ends several species of trees and shrubs.

The amazon tourism is a practice with the purpose of protecting this region.

martes, 17 de enero de 2012


The Amazonian forest, besides having vast vegetation, owns the second bigger river of the world, allowing that in the Amazon excursions their visitors discover aquatic varieties of species, as much animals as plants.

Besides the Amazon River, in the Amazon jungle tour you discovered rivers like: Caquetá, which ends at the Amazon; the Putumayo that marks the limit with Peru; and finally the Apaporis River that defines the northern limit with the Vaupés. 

As a peculiar data, from Amazon ecotourism, the Amazon River is the responsible of the fifth part of fresh water that arrives at the Earth oceans.

The hydric wealth of the region allows that activities as the handcrafted fishing, canopying, floating cabins among others workings can be realized in the Amazon travel.

viernes, 13 de enero de 2012


The tropical climate of the Amazon also favors the appearance of other organisms different from the animal and plants.

On your Amazon excursion, you will be able to recognize the 5 kingdoms of the nature, among them there is the fungi, composed by eukaryotes organisms; their cell walls are formed by quitina, compound that the difference this organisms from animals, bacteria and plants.

The Amazon ecotourism will allow you to observe this species that is divided in three types: moulds, mushrooms, leavenings and lichens; each of them can be discovered in the forest.

In the Amazon tourism you find fungi in the trees, the earth, even in the water, in their majority, like any species that lives in the forest, are showy, nevertheless, although they seem inoffensive some of them get to be toxic.

For example, the moulds and the mushrooms are in the earth or the trees; second they are generally eatable, the leavenings are fungi that ferment the maize that becomes beer, finally the lichens are associations of seaweed and fungi, that easily grow in the rivers of the Amazon.

viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

Exotic meals and drinks

Thanks to the diversity of vegetation and animals that inhabit the Amazonian forest, the travelers who make the Amazon excursions will enjoy exotic plates and will be able to delight the palate and to nourish the body.

Also, you can find drinks that will refresh you in the Amazon rainforest tours, during the practice of ecotourism activities such as the Amazon fishing tour, visits to the native communities or the rainforest birdwatching.

Among the liquids we have the “aguagina” that is prepared with “caranguchos” that are fruits of the palm, and water, it can be consumed as refreshment and if it is cooked, is taken like masato, when you let the preparation ferment for more than 3 days, will become “chicha". You can have anyone of these three drinks on your Amazon vacation.

When you talk about exotic meals in the  amazon jungle tour makes reference to strong plates that are prepared with animals of the region like the piraña soup, marinated raw Pirarucú or the turtle mince.
Don’t wait to hear about the exquisiteness of the Amazon, prepare your  Amazon travel and try the food yourself, your palate will thank for it.