miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012

Harpia Eagle

In the amazon travel the tourists are surprised by the large number of birds upon the trees and flying in the sky in this region, the weather and the affluents help to the emergence of wild life moreover it becomes in the best choice of habitat of too many animals.

Also the place that allows amazon bird watching, not only for variety but because some species are unique in the Amazons, even most of them hold the title of the biggest in America and the planet.

It is the case of the Harpia Eagle that is consider the biggest bird in the world within other cualities also it is the most predatory thanks to its claws, in the amazon jungle tour the visitors can find the harpy eagle in the region of the Orinoco and the Amazon

The Harpia Eagle reach a size of 110cms and a weight of 9kg, it live in the humid forest of South america, its feeding is made up of mammalians that generally are arboreal like sloth or monkeys, in the amazon tourism you can see its great size and proportion.

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