viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

Meet the best Amazon hotels

Take advantage of the vacation season and visit the Amazonas, enjoy the local plans and the huge biodiversity we offer at the Reserva, also, you will be able to stay in the Amazon lodge, so you can feel like a native.

Have the greatest experience of your life, doing the amazon jungle tour, where you’ll get in touch with animals and exotic plants, guided by indigenous that have great knowledge of the place, they will share secrets and myths with you.

So you can feel the comfort at this faraway from civilization land, you can lodge at the Amazon hotels, Amazon Heliconia gives you the perfect plan, lodge at the Kurupiras, that are confortable, and luxurious floating cabains, all made with local materials.

Don’t forget that in the reserve you’ll be closer with indigenous communities and their milenary practices, from housing construction until the use of plants for medicine elaboration, all of this, and more in the amazon excursions.

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