lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Insects of Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is home of approximately 500.000 species of recognized insects, although there are 180.000 species without identifying exist, this territory becomes his habitat, because it has the advantage to enjoy a warm and humid climate that as well allows the appearance of ebullient vegetation that becomes the food or home for these animal.

The travelers who realize the Amazon excursion observe the characteristics that make this insects unique in the world; its size, colorful, and in some cases also recognized by its toxic fluids able to immobilize, to sicken or to cause the death to other animal or people.

The faculty to camouflage itself enters the shrubs is a mechanism for the assault or defense, for which, the native people have worsened their senses to protect themselves of an attack, and in other cases to catch them for dinner, because in the Amazon rainforest tours the tourists will discover that some also are foods and provide the man with proteins.

When you make Amazon tourism youll see insects like beetles, ants, grasshopper or butterflies that are inoffensive for the visitors, and can offer an excellent landscape for a photo.

lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Fishing in the Amazonia

The Amazonian Forest is bathed by the second biggest river of the world and the first river basin in the region of South America, which allows a great variety of fauna, especially the ichthyologic, with the exotic and foods species, doing of the fishing a local activity, whose unique aim is self-consumption.

The tourists has as alternative the fishing of two ways: The first, traditional fishing and the second, modern-day fishing.

In the Amazon excursion you will be able to enjoy the traditional fishing, which allows feed native and the visitors, with excellent mouthfuls and fish of waters of the Amazon.

The traditional or native fishing consists of leaving to catch fish in small boats or lighters, using done networks of fishing with hemp, also have the option of the modern-day fishing that realizes with hooks and canes to fish.

Between the species that can find in the Amazon tourism, are cuchas, tambaqui or cachama, they are characterized for being freshwater fishes, by their great size in addition have a basic distinctiveness; these species show an exquisite flavor.

But they are these same reasons, that they put in danger the subsistence of the aquatic animal because in the market they represent very high an economic value and are catch to receive these sums of money.

There is the importance of the ecological tourism Amazon because the travelers learn to respect the species and their habitat.

martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Flora of the Amazonia

When you visit the Amazonian Rainforest, you enjoy not only the landscape, but also the wild flowers that stand out by their colors, in the Amazon excursions, for example, you will observe the family of the orchids that dominate this humid territory, for that reason in countries like Colombia is it considers the national flower.

To the orchids are epiphytes plants because they allow other vegetation or trees to grow using them as it has supported but they do not parasitically them, this type of epiphytes especially occur in abundance in the rainforest such as the Amazon.

One of the characteristics that will notice in the Amazon vacation is that the appearance of epiphytes is made up of so ebullient forests that the light rays are few even little for the other plants, causing that look for one better position to receive sun’s rays.

When you take an Amazon jungle tour you will discover the importance of the epiphytes and the functions that give to these plants like the conservation of water and humidity to him, besides being food suppliers with dry leaves or sheltering insects.

The forest is surrounded by water, situation that forces the flora to adapt to these characteristics, thats why you will find in the Amazon rainforest tours, aquatic vegetation like the marine ferns that float in the waters of lakes or rivers, come to see the beauties of the jungle and make contact with them in Amazon Heliconia precticing ecotourism.

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Reptiles of the Amazon jungle Caymans

In the excursion to the Amazon rainforest, you will find reptiles such as the Caymans that like its forests, also are endangered species, these reptiles are in the rivers of the Amazon and serve as tourist attraction. In Amazon Heliconia one of the activities that you can`t miss is the observation of this species.

The Caymans are habitually nocturne, thats why they have an excellent vision to hunt food in the dark, they are agile in the water but it doesn’t happen the same in earth, they are in the tropical regions of South America and reach a length up to 7 meters in the adult.

In the Amazon excursion you will discover why these animals are in the top of the nutritious chain, when they are small only eat insects, mollusks, some crustaceans and invertebrates, but when they grow, they feed of bigger animals like rodents, fish, birds and mammals.

To live the Amazon tourism you must know the habitat of these yacaré (common name), on the rainy season, from May to July, they occupy extensive territories of slopes of the rivers, and on dry season from September to December they occupy the marshy zones.

The Amazon ecotourism represents the best option for the tourist to get to know this species, their main predator in the man, because its skin (the soft part of this stomach) is indicated for the fashion and the implements like portfolios, shoes and strap.

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Clothes and accessories for the Amazonia

For a tropical climate like the rainforest, it is necessary to use implements and clothes that protect us from the sun, the animals or simply to feel comfortable.

When a tourist glides an Amazon excursion first that must pack is comfortable clothes adapted for the warm climate, for example long sleeve shirts and long pants, shorts, t-shirts, bathing suit and for the great long walks, shoes with rubber soles or leather boots appropriate for jungle trekking.

For the Amazon jungle tour, the visitors must include articles like the mosquito repellent, sun block and other products that are necessary for the personal cleanliness.

For the rainforest birdwatching or other activities in which is wanted to contemplate and to see in detail the flora or the fauna, the travelers take binoculars, and they also can register them in images, with video and photographic cameras.

These products will facilitate and do of their Amazon vacation, an unforgettable experience.