martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Flora of the Amazonia

When you visit the Amazonian Rainforest, you enjoy not only the landscape, but also the wild flowers that stand out by their colors, in the Amazon excursions, for example, you will observe the family of the orchids that dominate this humid territory, for that reason in countries like Colombia is it considers the national flower.

To the orchids are epiphytes plants because they allow other vegetation or trees to grow using them as it has supported but they do not parasitically them, this type of epiphytes especially occur in abundance in the rainforest such as the Amazon.

One of the characteristics that will notice in the Amazon vacation is that the appearance of epiphytes is made up of so ebullient forests that the light rays are few even little for the other plants, causing that look for one better position to receive sun’s rays.

When you take an Amazon jungle tour you will discover the importance of the epiphytes and the functions that give to these plants like the conservation of water and humidity to him, besides being food suppliers with dry leaves or sheltering insects.

The forest is surrounded by water, situation that forces the flora to adapt to these characteristics, thats why you will find in the Amazon rainforest tours, aquatic vegetation like the marine ferns that float in the waters of lakes or rivers, come to see the beauties of the jungle and make contact with them in Amazon Heliconia precticing ecotourism.

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