lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Reptiles of the Amazon jungle Caymans

In the excursion to the Amazon rainforest, you will find reptiles such as the Caymans that like its forests, also are endangered species, these reptiles are in the rivers of the Amazon and serve as tourist attraction. In Amazon Heliconia one of the activities that you can`t miss is the observation of this species.

The Caymans are habitually nocturne, thats why they have an excellent vision to hunt food in the dark, they are agile in the water but it doesn’t happen the same in earth, they are in the tropical regions of South America and reach a length up to 7 meters in the adult.

In the Amazon excursion you will discover why these animals are in the top of the nutritious chain, when they are small only eat insects, mollusks, some crustaceans and invertebrates, but when they grow, they feed of bigger animals like rodents, fish, birds and mammals.

To live the Amazon tourism you must know the habitat of these yacaré (common name), on the rainy season, from May to July, they occupy extensive territories of slopes of the rivers, and on dry season from September to December they occupy the marshy zones.

The Amazon ecotourism represents the best option for the tourist to get to know this species, their main predator in the man, because its skin (the soft part of this stomach) is indicated for the fashion and the implements like portfolios, shoes and strap.

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