lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Insects of Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is home of approximately 500.000 species of recognized insects, although there are 180.000 species without identifying exist, this territory becomes his habitat, because it has the advantage to enjoy a warm and humid climate that as well allows the appearance of ebullient vegetation that becomes the food or home for these animal.

The travelers who realize the Amazon excursion observe the characteristics that make this insects unique in the world; its size, colorful, and in some cases also recognized by its toxic fluids able to immobilize, to sicken or to cause the death to other animal or people.

The faculty to camouflage itself enters the shrubs is a mechanism for the assault or defense, for which, the native people have worsened their senses to protect themselves of an attack, and in other cases to catch them for dinner, because in the Amazon rainforest tours the tourists will discover that some also are foods and provide the man with proteins.

When you make Amazon tourism youll see insects like beetles, ants, grasshopper or butterflies that are inoffensive for the visitors, and can offer an excellent landscape for a photo.

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