martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Nutritive mud

Besides being attractive by the fauna, flora and other natural resources, The Amazon forest is also recognized by the local and native activities that offers you a unique Amazon excursion.

The Amazon vacation is perfect to be relaxed, and there is a particular practice for the visitors, you can take a mud bath and cover your skin with nutritious mud from the Amazon rainforest.

The mud is a natural compound It possesses minerals that have therapeutic and cosmetic properties for the human body, the travelers will meet the local forest, people and native work in the Amazon tourism.

In the Amazon ecotourism you will discover the area from where this material comes, like the places near lakes or rivers.

Among the therapeutic benefits from the mud we found: healing, improvement of the circulation, toxin elimination and revitalize the nervous system.

As for the advantages in the cosmetic aspect, the skin become smooth because the mud eradicates  impurities.

martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

The ideal place for vacations

If you are looking for new years eve vacation packages, the Reserve Amazon Heliconia offers a different alternative, an unforgettable Amazon excursion.
The contact with the nature and to be away from the city, work and worries, makes this plan the best one to recharge energies, relax, walk and to celebrate the new year, you will be able to enjoy the exotic view, you can practice for example, the rainforest bird watching to identify some unique species of this place.
You will be able to stay in kurupiras (floating cabins) equipped with beds, hammocks and private bath, The Kurupiras can be used for sleep or to travel by the river, this option is magnificent for the Amazon vacation.
If you prefer extreme activities  the Amazon tourism offers canopying, indigenous tattoos, pink dolphins watching or excursion rainforest with native guides.

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Squirrel Monkeys

Among the infinity of species that inhabit the Amazon, there are exclusive animals of this region, and the travelers will be able to identify them during the Amazon excursion, one of these animals, is the Squirrel Monkey.
The Squirrel Monkey lives in the tropical forests of South America, most of the time on top of the trees or in the shrubs near the rivers, they are very friendly and sociable, for that reason when you see them in the Amazon travel, they are in herds of 20 or even more individuals.
Among their physical characteristics one stands out, the Squirrel Monkeys are very small, weighing less than 3 pounds, they feed from fruits, nectar of the flowers and insects. You can recognize a Squirrel Monkey during your amazon excursion by their physical aspect and also by the sounds that emits when they are climbing trees.
The native name is Saimiri sciureus, it comes from the tupí expression “Saimirin”, “sai” that means monkey and “mirin” that translates small. The Squirrel Monkey is different from other species of monkeys because they have their face white, that contrasts with the rest of the hair that is darker (mouth and eyes).

martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011


The Kurupiras, not only will serve you to sleep, they are also meals zones or restaurants, and sometimes are used as a transport to travel by the river and practice rainforest birdwatching.

When the Kurupira is used like a house, it has all the comforts, from beds, hammocks to private bathrooms, this lodge is constructed with native materials such as wood, during the fabrication environmental measures are taking in count, the lodges have special systems for the waste water handling and to provide the sanitary system helping to the Amazon tourism.

If you want to be part of this experience, Amazon Heliconia offers 4 plans for this season:

From December 4 to 10, you pay approximately US$ 375 each person. First night you stay in the Kurupira, and the other nights in the reserve.

From December 26 to 30 or December 30 to January 2, you pay approximately US$ 275 each person. First night you stay in the Kurupira, the following nights in the Heliconia Reserve.

From January 6 to 8, you pay US$ 175 each person. First night you sleep in the Kurupira, following nights in the Heliconia Reserve.

martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

Amazon Tour

The Amazon jungle tour is a life changing experience, here you will enjoy an unforgettable adventure, where you will see the wonders of the Amazon rainforest, the main lung of the world, this place offers adventure, peace, knowledge, tradition, in one word, magic. Our visitors always go home with the most amazing memories. Some of their comments are:

 "I ll be back soon.... to the magic of the Amazon" Lorena Delgado Torres
"Just beautiful" Iris Greenwell
"Is like paradise, the lung of the world" Ana Lucia

The characteristics of this place are: the variety of plants, trees and exotics animals that you will not find in any where else on the planet, which make this place, a unique space for the visitors. The tranquility and the distance of the city, allow the contact with indigenous communities, knowing its clothes, typical food and the local activities.

In the amazon jungle tour, the activities and the facilities do not interfere with the surroundings, we always encourage the tourist to approach with this reality, recognize it and respect it, considering the place majesty. Located in the border of three countries: Brazil, Peru and Colombia; find a life outside the civilization, surrounded by the green one of the plants, discover ancient trees, and amazing rituals. The amazon jungle tour experience by day you will live like native, at night you will enjoy the sounds that the forest offers, by the movement of the trees and the nocturnal animals that live there.

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Frogs and toads of the Amazon

The Amazonia is one of the most privileged places of the world because it has the second bigger river of the planet, great variety of fauna and flora, plus, is a land that the man still has lived totally.

These characteristics allow that the Amazonian forest becomes the habitat of exotic, dangerous and numerous animals, among them the amphibians, specifically the toads and frogs that the visitors can see in the Amazon excursions.

In general aspects, there are some differences between the toads and the frogs, they are characteristics that allow the turist to identify them in the Amazon jungle tour, the toads have dry and rough skin, and they are big.

The frogs own a smooth, watery skin, and they are very agile, most of them are aquatic but they also spend time in the Earth, in the Amazon rainforest tours, frogs and toads draw attention for their alive and strong colors like red, green and yellow sometimes mixed with black.

The poisonous frogs are original from America, sometimes, the most beautiful ones, can be more dangerous due to his toxins, nevertheless that's not true in every case, but in the Amazon tourism always it is recommended not to touch them.

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011


The butterflies, scientifically known as lepidopterans, are insects. They feed from the plants and the nectar of the flowers, they stand out by their colorful wings, the tonalities are caused by their small grudges, this factor gives an aesthetic value that makes the difference among other insects commonly observed in the Amazon excursions.

This type of larva is characterized because in the course of his existence goes through four transformations, first from the reproduction in which the female puts the eggs, the place the size and the shape varies according to the species; in the second stage, it is a caterpillar and one prepares for the next mutation, feeding itself with fruits or leaves; third, it is the chrysalides when the caterpillar wrapped themselve in a cocoon made with its own silk or vegetal material, when the chrysalides leaves the cocoon already has become a butterfly, is this the last phase.

The worries for the local population and to the Amazon tourism it is the considerable diminution of these species, yet more, when the cause of the extinction is the same man, with the use of pesticides, the cutting of trees, the reduction of natural zones or the hunting of these insects for personal collections, destroys its habitat and its source of food, since the butterflies consume plants and the nectar of the flowers.

lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Insects of Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is home of approximately 500.000 species of recognized insects, although there are 180.000 species without identifying exist, this territory becomes his habitat, because it has the advantage to enjoy a warm and humid climate that as well allows the appearance of ebullient vegetation that becomes the food or home for these animal.

The travelers who realize the Amazon excursion observe the characteristics that make this insects unique in the world; its size, colorful, and in some cases also recognized by its toxic fluids able to immobilize, to sicken or to cause the death to other animal or people.

The faculty to camouflage itself enters the shrubs is a mechanism for the assault or defense, for which, the native people have worsened their senses to protect themselves of an attack, and in other cases to catch them for dinner, because in the Amazon rainforest tours the tourists will discover that some also are foods and provide the man with proteins.

When you make Amazon tourism youll see insects like beetles, ants, grasshopper or butterflies that are inoffensive for the visitors, and can offer an excellent landscape for a photo.

lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Fishing in the Amazonia

The Amazonian Forest is bathed by the second biggest river of the world and the first river basin in the region of South America, which allows a great variety of fauna, especially the ichthyologic, with the exotic and foods species, doing of the fishing a local activity, whose unique aim is self-consumption.

The tourists has as alternative the fishing of two ways: The first, traditional fishing and the second, modern-day fishing.

In the Amazon excursion you will be able to enjoy the traditional fishing, which allows feed native and the visitors, with excellent mouthfuls and fish of waters of the Amazon.

The traditional or native fishing consists of leaving to catch fish in small boats or lighters, using done networks of fishing with hemp, also have the option of the modern-day fishing that realizes with hooks and canes to fish.

Between the species that can find in the Amazon tourism, are cuchas, tambaqui or cachama, they are characterized for being freshwater fishes, by their great size in addition have a basic distinctiveness; these species show an exquisite flavor.

But they are these same reasons, that they put in danger the subsistence of the aquatic animal because in the market they represent very high an economic value and are catch to receive these sums of money.

There is the importance of the ecological tourism Amazon because the travelers learn to respect the species and their habitat.

martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Flora of the Amazonia

When you visit the Amazonian Rainforest, you enjoy not only the landscape, but also the wild flowers that stand out by their colors, in the Amazon excursions, for example, you will observe the family of the orchids that dominate this humid territory, for that reason in countries like Colombia is it considers the national flower.

To the orchids are epiphytes plants because they allow other vegetation or trees to grow using them as it has supported but they do not parasitically them, this type of epiphytes especially occur in abundance in the rainforest such as the Amazon.

One of the characteristics that will notice in the Amazon vacation is that the appearance of epiphytes is made up of so ebullient forests that the light rays are few even little for the other plants, causing that look for one better position to receive sun’s rays.

When you take an Amazon jungle tour you will discover the importance of the epiphytes and the functions that give to these plants like the conservation of water and humidity to him, besides being food suppliers with dry leaves or sheltering insects.

The forest is surrounded by water, situation that forces the flora to adapt to these characteristics, thats why you will find in the Amazon rainforest tours, aquatic vegetation like the marine ferns that float in the waters of lakes or rivers, come to see the beauties of the jungle and make contact with them in Amazon Heliconia precticing ecotourism.

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Reptiles of the Amazon jungle Caymans

In the excursion to the Amazon rainforest, you will find reptiles such as the Caymans that like its forests, also are endangered species, these reptiles are in the rivers of the Amazon and serve as tourist attraction. In Amazon Heliconia one of the activities that you can`t miss is the observation of this species.

The Caymans are habitually nocturne, thats why they have an excellent vision to hunt food in the dark, they are agile in the water but it doesn’t happen the same in earth, they are in the tropical regions of South America and reach a length up to 7 meters in the adult.

In the Amazon excursion you will discover why these animals are in the top of the nutritious chain, when they are small only eat insects, mollusks, some crustaceans and invertebrates, but when they grow, they feed of bigger animals like rodents, fish, birds and mammals.

To live the Amazon tourism you must know the habitat of these yacaré (common name), on the rainy season, from May to July, they occupy extensive territories of slopes of the rivers, and on dry season from September to December they occupy the marshy zones.

The Amazon ecotourism represents the best option for the tourist to get to know this species, their main predator in the man, because its skin (the soft part of this stomach) is indicated for the fashion and the implements like portfolios, shoes and strap.

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Clothes and accessories for the Amazonia

For a tropical climate like the rainforest, it is necessary to use implements and clothes that protect us from the sun, the animals or simply to feel comfortable.

When a tourist glides an Amazon excursion first that must pack is comfortable clothes adapted for the warm climate, for example long sleeve shirts and long pants, shorts, t-shirts, bathing suit and for the great long walks, shoes with rubber soles or leather boots appropriate for jungle trekking.

For the Amazon jungle tour, the visitors must include articles like the mosquito repellent, sun block and other products that are necessary for the personal cleanliness.

For the rainforest birdwatching or other activities in which is wanted to contemplate and to see in detail the flora or the fauna, the travelers take binoculars, and they also can register them in images, with video and photographic cameras.

These products will facilitate and do of their Amazon vacation, an unforgettable experience.

lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Native instruments The Hammock

If you make the amazon travel, cannot deprive yourself of the tradition to take a “siesta” in hammock, is possible to feel completely like a native one, after a sunny day of traditional fishing, ecological long walks or canopy.

These elements for the rest are original, colorful, comfortable and easy to install, the hammocks are made of cotton, aloe fiber or toots, their production also is an activity that realize the indigenous tribes of the region.

The Amazon tourism allows the visitors to free itself of the routine, to relax, to rest, to sleep, even in some cases, enjoying the rainforest birdwatching, all this, from a hammock.

At present the hammocks serve as a decorative article but in the Amazon excursion is a fundamental instrument for the demurrage because it allows to sleep, for example, in places separated from the residence or to observe the nocturne sky.

lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

The birds of the Amazon Gucamayas

One of the exotic species of birds in the Amazon are the Guacamayas, these birds that come from the family of the parrots, are original of America and occupy the entire continent from Mexico to Argentina, especially in the rainforest.

In Amazon Heliconia one of the activities to practice is the rainforest birdwatching, being the Guacamayas the center of attention of the tourists by its colorful and beauty.

These animals are very sociable, they are attractive for the visitors because they imitate sounds and words, besides their plumage with alive colors like red, blue and yellow, nevertheless they are in threat of extinction because sometimes they are captured for its commercialization, and the deforestation also represents the loss of its habitat.

In the Amazon excursion will be possible to observed near the Javari River, feeding itself on the fruits of the trees, the flowers and its nectar, in the contact with the Ara (technical name) it allows to sensitize to travelling on these species and their care becoming the experience the Amazon tourism.

lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

Good bye technology

The Amazon excursion is an unforgettable experience, the contact with the nature, the animals and the population is a unique practice, because it leaves the routine, moves away of the city and the new technologies like cellular and Internet.

Amazon Heliconia wants that their visitors take advantage of all the local activities that can be realized without needing electricity or movable devices, when becoming disconnected of the world, can be appreciated the beauty of the place and be enjoyed their flora and fauna.

Nevertheless, you can register the Amazon jungle tour, those important and insurmountable moments, the tourists have electricity by three hours, from the 6 of afternoon to the 9 at night, so that they load his cameras.

Thus they will be able to record and to take photographs from the customs of the indigenous communities, the pink dolphin-watching, the traditional fishing, the rainforest birdwatching, canopying and other workings that can be realized in the zone.

miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

Preventive measure

One of the considerations for the Amazon excursion, for nationals and foreigners, is the application of the Yellow Fever Vaccine, because in tropical climate (rainforest) is probable that the disease is transmitted.

The vaccine is very effective, in addition it is an indispensable requirement to the Amazon Jungle tour, the tourist must have an injection of a single dose 10 days or more, before realizing the Amazon ecotourism.

The yellow fever takes place in some countries of Africa and South America because of a little fly that is infected, bringing about in the infected people symptoms like fever, signs similar to the influenza, yellow skin or eyes (jaundice), hemorrhages and malfunction of vital organs (liver, kidneys, respiratory system, etc.)

The vaccine only needs reinforcement after 10 years, and it is applied in future moms of 9 months until the 59 years. Live this unique experience without worries, and enjoy the wonders from Amazon travel.

lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Ethical and ecological tourism

Amazon Heliconia wants that the people take care of his surroundings in a land that has not occupied the civilizationand still today it conserves his natural state, is necessary to defend and to respect the environment.

It’s not only vacations in the Amazon, also is Amazon ecotourism, knowing the customs the native ones, the fauna and the flora, the local activities, far from cellular and Internet sensitizes the visitors so that they are responsible for the conservation of the Amazonia.

The Amazon tourism privileges the preservation of the territory and avoids situations like the deforestation, helping to the sustainable development of the place, without indirect effect like the climatic change, that affectthe hydrologic cyclesand the forests.

For this reason the amazon jungle tour is the best option for the well-being of the inhabitants and the rainforest.

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011

Live Amazon Heliconia

Natural Reserve Amazon Heliconia, invites to participate in an adventure without precedents, make your Amazon Travel from the 10 to the 15 of September of 2011, for U$290, 500.000 pesos approximately (local currency), to enjoy the region, its local activities, its wealth of fauna and flora.

The plans to realize are: visits to native communities to know on its customs, social and political conformation, indigenous tattoos, besides the native practices as it fishes artisan and traditional.

Also you will find activities for the relaxation and diversion like canoeing over inundated forest, exotic birdwatching, jungle trekking with native guides, strolls to the lakes that surround the reserve, nocturnal exit observing caimans, bath in natural swimming pools, sighting of fauna and flora of the zone, pink dolphin-Watching and canopy.

martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

The Majesty of the Amazon Rainforest

The ecological trek is a tour from the ecological paths of the tropical jungle observing and enjoying the nature in company of native guides who will teach the tourist to hunt, to eat and to sleep in the forest, likewise they will make the tourist get in touch with the fauna and native flora like the swamps, the forest, lakes, the Amazon river; which possess sweet water and are a point of meeting of local and migratory birds, you can practice birdwatching, and observe reptiles like tortoises, crocodiles and many species more.

To know and to admit the majesty of the Amazon while you practice your Amazon excursion, is one of the options that Amazon heliconia offers in its plans of Ecotourism, they are activities that can turn the Amazon travel into a unique experience.

martes, 9 de agosto de 2011


The Canopy that tourists practices in the Amazon excursion, consists in crossing a forest or a marsh, over the undergrowth, using a cable as mechanism of displacement.

The Canopy is an extreme sport invented by the same aborigines of the tropical jungle of the Amazon.

It was created for being able to cross the jungle without fear of sudden assaults of animals or simply with the intention of reducing the time of displacement from a community to another.

The speed, the dizziness and the adrenaline that develop with the practice of this sport, are one more invitation, in order that the world spends his vacation in the Amazon rainforest

lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Canoeing relaxing activity

During the Amazon vacation you will be able to do canoeing, with canoes built by the native people from the Amazon jungle.

Besides of rowing and to do the lakes tour, that in season of rain turn into one big lake, in the Amazon excursion from the rainforest, you will be able to enjoy a majestic landscape, birdwatching, and more.

Canoeing, is an aquatic sport that is practiced on a light boat, the boat is sailed by one, two or four persons (but not three).

Canoeing appears as a consequence of the need, which the man has had from his origins of dominating the water. For it, many former cultures designed simple boats, of peculiar characteristics and great maneuverability, safety and efficiency to sail there where the nature turn out hostile.

The words "piragua" and "canoe" are American terms that belong to the languages arahuacas, used to name to two types of characteristic boats of the taína culture.

martes, 26 de julio de 2011

Handicrafts a cultural sample

One of the multiple activities that the tourists can enjoy in their Amazon excursion in the tropical jungle is shopping for handicrafts these are cultural manifestations that express the ethnic, religious, customs, traditions and forms of life variety of the population, as well as their natural wealth and diversity.

There are diverse techniques in the indigenous communities that you can learn in your Amazon jungle tour, such as the sculptures made of wood, balsa-wood, or stick bleeds, the drawings and ceremonial suits in fabric of bark (yanchama), the ceramics represented in vats and jars, besides objects and accessories like masks, necklaces, mats and ranges.

These objects are constructed using fibers, wood, clay, barks and vegetable dyes, and preserving the features of his ancient culture, these groups make objects of daily and ceremonial use. The collective practice of handcrafted production represents an important source of economic revenue.

lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Body painting

One of the activities that you can realize in the Amazon jungle tour is the body painting done by native people with natural ink, completely natural and without permanent materials.

Practicing this activity you watch the techniques of some native tribes stand out for drawing beautiful tribal figures on your body.

Likewise in the Amazon travel, you will be able to know and to understand the cultural and spiritual meaning that this tattoos and body painting has in the life of the indigenous tribes who live the Amazon jungle.

The body painting is one of the first forms of expression used by the ancient cultures. The prehistoric man discovered the colored sand, the charcoal, the chalk, the blood of the animals and many other pigments that maybe served, as painting for the war, to impress the enemy or as sign of recognition in the own tribe. This primitive makeup technique could be used also as camouflage for the hunt.

lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

Ecological tourism Amazon

The Amazonl tourism, also called ecotourism, involve the touristic activities that take care of the sustainability, the preservation and the appraisal of the jungle, in the natural and cultural way, with maximum respect to the environment.

Many of the guidelines that follow under the name of ecotourism in the Amazon, are of accomplishment in most for the organizing companies of such a type of amazon tourism, since they are they those who offer tourist packages like services that respect the well-being of the local and native populations.

The ecotourism or ecological tourism is considered to be an alternative to the sustainable development by conservationist groups, international institutions and governments.

martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Amazon fishing tour

Fishing in the mighty waters of the Amazon River, is an interesting and unique challenge for the tourist who decide make an Amazon excursion.

The Amazon fishing tour, don’t affect the natural cycle of this region neither has an environmental impact. The Amazon fishing tour, is made with native fishers guidance, they teach different techniques of handcrafted fishing, to the tourist so they can catch diverse and exotic species.

This activity is one of the most fascinating things for the people who are making an Amazon jungle tour, this activity allows the tourist know more about the different tribes that lives in the natural reserve.

lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Watching caimans

Watching caimans, especially in the night, have become a unique and exciting experience for those tourists that spend their Amazon vacation in Heliconia nature reserve; we have a native guide who helps the tourists during this activity.
There are two caiman species living on the Amazon River, the black lizard, gigantic specie that reaches 6 meters of length. And the white caiman, that reaches a maximum length of 3 meters and is more abundant on Amazonian waters.
The black caiman lives on the lakes and marshes of the flooded plain, most of all, in protected or isolated zones. The white lizard uses different types of habitats.
Generally, caimans prefer warm water and spend the day warming themselves on the shores.

lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

Pink dolphin

One of the most attractive choices to our guests is the pink dolphins watching, an Amazon ecotourism typical activity, you can watch the dolphins in the wild without interrupting or affecting their ecosystem.

The pink dolphin from Amazon jungle, is one of the top five bigger sweet water dolphins, the male weight reaches 185 kg and 2.5 m large.

The pink dolphin lives on Amazon River and Orinoco River, underneath 400msnm. On the rain season, the dolphins go to the flooded areas from the rainforest, where they can find a bigger amount of food.

Is an active animal 24 hours at day, taking short periods of rest, as a unique quality from the pink dolphin, they have more mobility in its head than the other kinds of dolphins, and this quality gives them enough flexibility to swim among the obstacles from the flooded jungle.

The pink color in their skin only shows up when they are adults, while they are young have a grey color.

The pink dolphin possesses a very wide diet, eats mostly fishes like tetras and piranhas and completes the diet with river tortoises and crabs.

martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Amazon ecotourism

Amazon ecotourism is basically traveling in the jungle without disturbing the nature, so you can watch, enjoy and study the landscape, fauna, flora and the typical cultural manifestations from the Amazon rainforest.

To be considered as Amazon ecotourism, this has to involve minimal impact for the environment, active participation from the native communities and guides for the preservation.

The Amazon ecotourism activity that you practice in Heliconia nature reserve determines priorities such as respect for the culture from the native communities in the jungle, the flora and the fauna, none of the activities represents danger for the Amazon rainforest.

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Explore the jungle

Amazon Heliconia nature reserve is located in the Amazonian rainforest next to the Javari River, which is a tributary of the Amazon River and the frontier with the Peruvian territory.

Heliconia is a perfect place to spend your Amazon vacation and take an excursion in the jungle, is a unique place where you can see and do amazing things only available there.

Amazon rainforest includes over 7 million kilometres of dense flora, making Amazon rainforest a paradisiacal place, attractive to practice ecotourism.

The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world with an extension of 6.275 kilometres, it is born in the mountain chain of the Andes, on Peruvian territory and It ends in Pará State, north Brasil.

Heliconia nature reserve, has a great biodiversity, you can practice Amazon ecotourism activities such as fishing, rainforest birdwatching, canopying, and others.

About the fauna, Amazon has hundreds of mammal’s species, over 1.500 different bird species, millions of insects, a huge number of reptiles, amphibians and microorganisms, many of which still have not qualified

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

Species to observe

Amazon jungle is an enigmatic place, a piece of the virgin jungle full of magic.

Is a paradisiacal place, ideal to see the immensity of the jungle, this beautiful place gives you the opportunity to be in contact with nature and to practice amazon ecotourism activities.

In the immensity of the Amazon jungle, tourist may practice rainforest birdwatching, a unique activity that allows to witness the behavior of the birds in the wild, the tourist may see birds such as toucans, parrots, macaws, hummingbirds and falcons.

In your Amazon jungle tour, you can also found: insects and big mammals such as Jaguars, pumas, dantas and deers. Reptiles such as tortoises, caymans and serpents (like the famous anaconda).

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Jungle Lodge

At our Amazon lodge you will find an infrastructure designed for our visitor's comfort and enjoyment that guarantee the pleasant Amazon excursions. Our delicious and exotic dishes, our folk art shop, our bar and our extreme sport attractions will bring you closer to nature, so you can make your tour safely and enjoyably.

At this Amazon travel, you also have the chance to discover the different flavors and the autochthonous dishes from this jungle.

A private cabin completely organic, has a bath and shower, equipped with beds, lamps, and all the basic things you need to rest in the Amazon rainforest tours.

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011


During the dry season (June - September), the water level of the river is considerably lower, revealing beautiful white sandy beaches and tranquil waters.

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011


KULINA INDIGENOUS TRIBE: It is found located in the area of the middle valley of the Javari River and the lower Curuca River. There are an estimated 80 people.

KURUBO INDIGENOUS TRIBE: They live between the Itacoai and Itui Rivers. There are approximately 300 people.

FLECHERO INDIGENOUS TRIBE: They are located in the lands near the San Jose Creek and the right riverbank of the Itacoai River. There are approximately 300 people.

TSOHON DJAPA INDIGENOUS TRIBE: They wander among the headwaters of the Jandiatuba, Itui, and Curuena Rivers. There are approximately 120 people.

ISOLATED INDIGENOUS TRIBE OF THE JANDIATUBE: There are approximately 300 people.

ISOLATED INDIGENOUS TRIBE OF THE QUIXITO: Their lands extend from the Izquierdo River to the headwaters of the Quixito River. There are approximately 300 people.

ISOLATED INDIGENOUS TRIBE OF THE JUTAI: There are approximately 200 people.

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Rainforest birdwatching

The birdwatching is an activity that has been practiced since the late-18th century; Gilbert White, Thomas Bewick, George Montagu and John Clare were one of the first persons who registered their work in the birdwatching field. The birdwatching is also called birding, is the study of birds, you can listen to their calls, watch their behavior in freedom, witness their rituals and more. The Amazon rainforest, is a perfect place to practice birdwatching, the lower Río Javarí is home to more than 500 species of birds, creating an unusual mix of avian elements from western and southern Amazonia, with even a few species present that are generally found only north of the Amazon River.

Several species of birds are difficult or even impossible to see elsewhere in Brazil or Peru, making the area attractive also for serious country liters. The Río Javarí has been relatively little visited by ornithologists, and only in recent years has the terra firme become better known, resulting in the discovery of at least two new species of birds for science. Pending the official publishing of these two species, which will likely be within the next two years.

martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Jungle lodge

RESTAURANT BAR At our eco-lodge you will find an infrastructure designed for our visitor's comfort and enjoyment that guarantee the pleasant Amazon excursions. Our delicious and exotic dishes, our folk art shop, our bar and our extreme sport attractions will bring you closer to nature, so you can make your tour safely and enjoyably. At this Amazon ecotourism, you also have the chance to discover the different flavors and the autochthonous drinks from this jungle

jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011


It is an aquatic plant with floating leaves that can reach up to 2 meters in width. It grows in quiet waters that are rich in nutritious substances. The stem of the flower is spiny. The flowers, of an enormous size, are white or pink and emit an intense perfume. The fruit matures under the water and serves as food for the fish. The indians use it as if it were a grain. In Colombia it is found along the shores of the Amazon in the Trapezoid. It possibly exists along the shores of the Lower Putumayo.

martes, 15 de febrero de 2011


The Amazon region is one of the most important and largest jungles in the world, that's why is so necessary to protect it from deforestation. Local residents and non-governmental organisations have joined with local and regional authorities to defend the flora, fauna and water resources and halt the destruction of the rainforest.

The natural reserve Heliconia is also compromised to this cause, all the available activities in our programs are environmental friendly, and with the visit to the native communities you learn to love and respect the amazon jungle as they do.

martes, 8 de febrero de 2011


The smallest of the existent simians. It can weigh between 40 and 60 grams and fits perfectly in a shirt-pocket. With lion-like tans and grays and abundant fur, it looks like a miniature lion. It is hunted mercilessly because it is greatly valued as a pet.

miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011


They are located in the middle valley of the Curuca River, on the upper Meronal River, and upper and middle Ituí River. Approximately 960 people are recognized in the area as the warriors of the macana, for their use of a staff of sturdy hard wood as a weapon of war, although for hunting and fishing they turn to other elements such as spears and bow and arrows, arrows with vivid ornamentation like the typical costume where the predominate colors are white, blue and black.