martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Squirrel Monkeys

Among the infinity of species that inhabit the Amazon, there are exclusive animals of this region, and the travelers will be able to identify them during the Amazon excursion, one of these animals, is the Squirrel Monkey.
The Squirrel Monkey lives in the tropical forests of South America, most of the time on top of the trees or in the shrubs near the rivers, they are very friendly and sociable, for that reason when you see them in the Amazon travel, they are in herds of 20 or even more individuals.
Among their physical characteristics one stands out, the Squirrel Monkeys are very small, weighing less than 3 pounds, they feed from fruits, nectar of the flowers and insects. You can recognize a Squirrel Monkey during your amazon excursion by their physical aspect and also by the sounds that emits when they are climbing trees.
The native name is Saimiri sciureus, it comes from the tupí expression “Saimirin”, “sai” that means monkey and “mirin” that translates small. The Squirrel Monkey is different from other species of monkeys because they have their face white, that contrasts with the rest of the hair that is darker (mouth and eyes).

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