martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Nutritive mud

Besides being attractive by the fauna, flora and other natural resources, The Amazon forest is also recognized by the local and native activities that offers you a unique Amazon excursion.

The Amazon vacation is perfect to be relaxed, and there is a particular practice for the visitors, you can take a mud bath and cover your skin with nutritious mud from the Amazon rainforest.

The mud is a natural compound It possesses minerals that have therapeutic and cosmetic properties for the human body, the travelers will meet the local forest, people and native work in the Amazon tourism.

In the Amazon ecotourism you will discover the area from where this material comes, like the places near lakes or rivers.

Among the therapeutic benefits from the mud we found: healing, improvement of the circulation, toxin elimination and revitalize the nervous system.

As for the advantages in the cosmetic aspect, the skin become smooth because the mud eradicates  impurities.

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