viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

Exotic meals and drinks

Thanks to the diversity of vegetation and animals that inhabit the Amazonian forest, the travelers who make the Amazon excursions will enjoy exotic plates and will be able to delight the palate and to nourish the body.

Also, you can find drinks that will refresh you in the Amazon rainforest tours, during the practice of ecotourism activities such as the Amazon fishing tour, visits to the native communities or the rainforest birdwatching.

Among the liquids we have the “aguagina” that is prepared with “caranguchos” that are fruits of the palm, and water, it can be consumed as refreshment and if it is cooked, is taken like masato, when you let the preparation ferment for more than 3 days, will become “chicha". You can have anyone of these three drinks on your Amazon vacation.

When you talk about exotic meals in the  amazon jungle tour makes reference to strong plates that are prepared with animals of the region like the piraña soup, marinated raw Pirarucú or the turtle mince.
Don’t wait to hear about the exquisiteness of the Amazon, prepare your  Amazon travel and try the food yourself, your palate will thank for it.

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