viernes, 13 de enero de 2012


The tropical climate of the Amazon also favors the appearance of other organisms different from the animal and plants.

On your Amazon excursion, you will be able to recognize the 5 kingdoms of the nature, among them there is the fungi, composed by eukaryotes organisms; their cell walls are formed by quitina, compound that the difference this organisms from animals, bacteria and plants.

The Amazon ecotourism will allow you to observe this species that is divided in three types: moulds, mushrooms, leavenings and lichens; each of them can be discovered in the forest.

In the Amazon tourism you find fungi in the trees, the earth, even in the water, in their majority, like any species that lives in the forest, are showy, nevertheless, although they seem inoffensive some of them get to be toxic.

For example, the moulds and the mushrooms are in the earth or the trees; second they are generally eatable, the leavenings are fungi that ferment the maize that becomes beer, finally the lichens are associations of seaweed and fungi, that easily grow in the rivers of the Amazon.

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