martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Natural swimming pools

One of the the wonders that a wild habitat like the Amazonian forest offers to the travelers who visit the place, are the natural swimming pools, free of chemicals like chlorine, product destined to the conservation of the water.

The maintenance of the water is made through the same nature, the aquatic plants are the source of microorganisms that are able to eliminate bacterium and absorb the impurities, present in the water and therefore the Reserve becomes the first option for the Amazon ecotourism

Another factor, that is emphasized in Amazon tourism, is that the swimming pools are integrated to the nature, you can also have contact with small fish or the vegetation. 

Besides enjoying the Amazon jungle tour and the natural swimming pools, you wont suffer the irritation of your eyes or allergy in the skin caused by chemicals, therefore the water will be in his original state.

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