lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Vacation season in the amazon

Do the Amazon jungle tour in June or July, and take advantage of the wonders that this land has to offer, such as the huge jungle, one of the biggest rivers of the world, and the Amazon rainforest that is considered the world’s main lung.

Forget about the work, stress and contamination, in this place you’ll breathe fresh air, and you’ll get distracted with the native activities such as fishing, paddling canoes while watching the vegetation and animals. Also, if you like adventure, canopying is fundamental so you can live the Amazon ecotourism.

To complete the Amazon tourism we have the natural pools reserve, without chemicals affecting your skin or the environment, for that reason, think no more and enjoy this paradise with its exotic flora and fauna.

For the Amazon travel in Amazon Heliconia we have a great deal, 4 days, stay from Saturday June 30 through Tuesday July 3rdfor just 600.000 cop per person y 5 days, from Sunday, July 22 until Thursday July 26th for just 600.000 each.

viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

Meet the best Amazon hotels

Take advantage of the vacation season and visit the Amazonas, enjoy the local plans and the huge biodiversity we offer at the Reserva, also, you will be able to stay in the Amazon lodge, so you can feel like a native.

Have the greatest experience of your life, doing the amazon jungle tour, where you’ll get in touch with animals and exotic plants, guided by indigenous that have great knowledge of the place, they will share secrets and myths with you.

So you can feel the comfort at this faraway from civilization land, you can lodge at the Amazon hotels, Amazon Heliconia gives you the perfect plan, lodge at the Kurupiras, that are confortable, and luxurious floating cabains, all made with local materials.

Don’t forget that in the reserve you’ll be closer with indigenous communities and their milenary practices, from housing construction until the use of plants for medicine elaboration, all of this, and more in the amazon excursions.