lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Frogs and toads of the Amazon

The Amazonia is one of the most privileged places of the world because it has the second bigger river of the planet, great variety of fauna and flora, plus, is a land that the man still has lived totally.

These characteristics allow that the Amazonian forest becomes the habitat of exotic, dangerous and numerous animals, among them the amphibians, specifically the toads and frogs that the visitors can see in the Amazon excursions.

In general aspects, there are some differences between the toads and the frogs, they are characteristics that allow the turist to identify them in the Amazon jungle tour, the toads have dry and rough skin, and they are big.

The frogs own a smooth, watery skin, and they are very agile, most of them are aquatic but they also spend time in the Earth, in the Amazon rainforest tours, frogs and toads draw attention for their alive and strong colors like red, green and yellow sometimes mixed with black.

The poisonous frogs are original from America, sometimes, the most beautiful ones, can be more dangerous due to his toxins, nevertheless that's not true in every case, but in the Amazon tourism always it is recommended not to touch them.

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