martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011


The butterflies, scientifically known as lepidopterans, are insects. They feed from the plants and the nectar of the flowers, they stand out by their colorful wings, the tonalities are caused by their small grudges, this factor gives an aesthetic value that makes the difference among other insects commonly observed in the Amazon excursions.

This type of larva is characterized because in the course of his existence goes through four transformations, first from the reproduction in which the female puts the eggs, the place the size and the shape varies according to the species; in the second stage, it is a caterpillar and one prepares for the next mutation, feeding itself with fruits or leaves; third, it is the chrysalides when the caterpillar wrapped themselve in a cocoon made with its own silk or vegetal material, when the chrysalides leaves the cocoon already has become a butterfly, is this the last phase.

The worries for the local population and to the Amazon tourism it is the considerable diminution of these species, yet more, when the cause of the extinction is the same man, with the use of pesticides, the cutting of trees, the reduction of natural zones or the hunting of these insects for personal collections, destroys its habitat and its source of food, since the butterflies consume plants and the nectar of the flowers.

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