lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Fishing in the Amazonia

The Amazonian Forest is bathed by the second biggest river of the world and the first river basin in the region of South America, which allows a great variety of fauna, especially the ichthyologic, with the exotic and foods species, doing of the fishing a local activity, whose unique aim is self-consumption.

The tourists has as alternative the fishing of two ways: The first, traditional fishing and the second, modern-day fishing.

In the Amazon excursion you will be able to enjoy the traditional fishing, which allows feed native and the visitors, with excellent mouthfuls and fish of waters of the Amazon.

The traditional or native fishing consists of leaving to catch fish in small boats or lighters, using done networks of fishing with hemp, also have the option of the modern-day fishing that realizes with hooks and canes to fish.

Between the species that can find in the Amazon tourism, are cuchas, tambaqui or cachama, they are characterized for being freshwater fishes, by their great size in addition have a basic distinctiveness; these species show an exquisite flavor.

But they are these same reasons, that they put in danger the subsistence of the aquatic animal because in the market they represent very high an economic value and are catch to receive these sums of money.

There is the importance of the ecological tourism Amazon because the travelers learn to respect the species and their habitat.

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