martes, 26 de julio de 2011

Handicrafts a cultural sample

One of the multiple activities that the tourists can enjoy in their Amazon excursion in the tropical jungle is shopping for handicrafts these are cultural manifestations that express the ethnic, religious, customs, traditions and forms of life variety of the population, as well as their natural wealth and diversity.

There are diverse techniques in the indigenous communities that you can learn in your Amazon jungle tour, such as the sculptures made of wood, balsa-wood, or stick bleeds, the drawings and ceremonial suits in fabric of bark (yanchama), the ceramics represented in vats and jars, besides objects and accessories like masks, necklaces, mats and ranges.

These objects are constructed using fibers, wood, clay, barks and vegetable dyes, and preserving the features of his ancient culture, these groups make objects of daily and ceremonial use. The collective practice of handcrafted production represents an important source of economic revenue.

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