lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Body painting

One of the activities that you can realize in the Amazon jungle tour is the body painting done by native people with natural ink, completely natural and without permanent materials.

Practicing this activity you watch the techniques of some native tribes stand out for drawing beautiful tribal figures on your body.

Likewise in the Amazon travel, you will be able to know and to understand the cultural and spiritual meaning that this tattoos and body painting has in the life of the indigenous tribes who live the Amazon jungle.

The body painting is one of the first forms of expression used by the ancient cultures. The prehistoric man discovered the colored sand, the charcoal, the chalk, the blood of the animals and many other pigments that maybe served, as painting for the war, to impress the enemy or as sign of recognition in the own tribe. This primitive makeup technique could be used also as camouflage for the hunt.

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