lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

Pink dolphin

One of the most attractive choices to our guests is the pink dolphins watching, an Amazon ecotourism typical activity, you can watch the dolphins in the wild without interrupting or affecting their ecosystem.

The pink dolphin from Amazon jungle, is one of the top five bigger sweet water dolphins, the male weight reaches 185 kg and 2.5 m large.

The pink dolphin lives on Amazon River and Orinoco River, underneath 400msnm. On the rain season, the dolphins go to the flooded areas from the rainforest, where they can find a bigger amount of food.

Is an active animal 24 hours at day, taking short periods of rest, as a unique quality from the pink dolphin, they have more mobility in its head than the other kinds of dolphins, and this quality gives them enough flexibility to swim among the obstacles from the flooded jungle.

The pink color in their skin only shows up when they are adults, while they are young have a grey color.

The pink dolphin possesses a very wide diet, eats mostly fishes like tetras and piranhas and completes the diet with river tortoises and crabs.

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