lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Native instruments The Hammock

If you make the amazon travel, cannot deprive yourself of the tradition to take a “siesta” in hammock, is possible to feel completely like a native one, after a sunny day of traditional fishing, ecological long walks or canopy.

These elements for the rest are original, colorful, comfortable and easy to install, the hammocks are made of cotton, aloe fiber or toots, their production also is an activity that realize the indigenous tribes of the region.

The Amazon tourism allows the visitors to free itself of the routine, to relax, to rest, to sleep, even in some cases, enjoying the rainforest birdwatching, all this, from a hammock.

At present the hammocks serve as a decorative article but in the Amazon excursion is a fundamental instrument for the demurrage because it allows to sleep, for example, in places separated from the residence or to observe the nocturne sky.

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