martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Forest of the Amazonia

The Amazonia has been characterized to have a huge tropical forest and vegetation, by which it receives the title of “Lung of the World” the zone is located in the central and northern part of South America, which extends by the Amazon River, one of the attractions of the Amazon tourism.

This area is perfect to practice Amazon tourism, watching the environment, the ecosystem and the great fauna that lives there, thanks to the extensive and dense forest that is the big source of oils, resins, rubbers and plants to make medicines.

On your Amazon vacation you will be able to recognize three types of trees in the forest, first the highest, they reach an approximate height of  180 ft, those receive solar rays directly, thats why you can observe a great variety of animals.

 Also in the Amazon ecotourism, you will find the second type, which have an approximate height of 100 ft, these are underneath the trees that conform the vault of the forests and they must adapt in the shade because the light they receive is very few, that happens to the underbrush that is compound of shrubs, small grass and plants, these receive less light if it is compared with the intervals.

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