martes, 14 de febrero de 2012


One of the activities that our visitors practice in the Amazon travel is the canoeing, this work requires of a physical effort because it is impelled and moved with the human force.

In the Amazon vacation you will practice the canoeing in its more primitive version evoking the old indigenous communities that transmitted this modality of transport from generation to generation until the activity arrived and restored in the communities that inhabit the Amazon today.

Generally to know and practice the Amazon tourism there are used small boats to travel in the water, the canoes are made of wood that has been removed from the trunks of the trees that are perforated and charted to give the pointed shape.

In Amazon Heliconia, the Amazon jungle tour is practiced in these canoes, they are driven by shovels or in a language more technician by oars, the oars are located in the opposite direction of the people, since people are giving the wished direction and observing the crossed landscape.

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