lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

An unforgettable experience

The Amazon Heliconia reserve is in the mouth at the Amazon River, and delimits with Peru, it is far of the civilization, in the Amazon jungle tour you will find biodiversity, and spices belonging to Amazon Rainforest.

The Hotel kurupira location is in Leticia and delimits with Brazil, there you will find a floating environment, starting in this way the Amazon travel through the Amazon River, also you can see an exotic spices such as pink dolphin, it is recognized for its long body and for being slow and lonely animal.

In the reserve you can stay in the Amazon Lodge, and enjoy the wonders of the forest, the environment is relaxing and quiet, inspires the adventure instinct, the Amazon jungle tour is the best choice to find adventure, by exploring the virgin jungle.

The Amazon excursions gives you a perfect environment to share with the nature and to find you’re self.

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