jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Live your best adventure

The Amazon travel, is the perfect place for everything you ever imagined, journeys into the most inhospitable and unexplored jungles of the world, a heavenly land where you can mix adventure with the beauty it provides. Possessing of a unique biodiversity in the world, has one of the longest and mightiest rivers in the world which shows its magnificence.

Within the area inexplorable, provides various forms of interaction, where you can develop an Amazon jungle tour in the Reserve hotel. You will have experiences with different cultures and ethnic groups, with exceptional traditions to mother earth.

This reserve integrates the unique wildlands of the Amazon, in an atmosphere of grandeur for tranquility and comfort. A place for your Amazon vacation having the great pleasure to be in a completely natural environment away from saturations in the world today, an area located between the borders of Peru and Brazil.

Lodge as reserve gives us majestic species of fauna and flora. We have samples of gastronomical diversifications so you can feel the endemic wealth of the Amazon rainforest.

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