martes, 3 de abril de 2012

Yavari River

The Yavari River is one of the rivers that belong to the Amazon, also is known like Javari River (in Portuguese), is located in the border between Peru and Brazil, in the Amazon jungle tour it is the zone with greater distribution of flora and fauna of the Earth.

In the Valley of the Yavari, the activity that attracts the tourists and scientists is the amazon bird watching, because there they live several species of birds, near 500, due to the existence of enormous trees and the river that are their food sources.

The Yavari River has an extension of 1,050 km of which approximately 400 km are only navigable from the Boca to Palmeira; in the rest of the trajectory you can practice Amazon fishing tour in small vessels like canoes.

When you make the Amazon excursion, specifically in the zone of the Yavari, you will be able to identify and to know the establishment of several indigenous tribes like matis, matses, kulina and mayoruna.

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