martes, 13 de marzo de 2012


Among the gastronomical plans of the Amazon vacation, the visitors will find an exquisite dish that will test your palate mojojoy is a type of worm food that can be ingested still alive or fried.

In the Amazon rainforest tours, the travelers will find in this food proteins and nutrients able to offer to the human being defenses and antibodies that guarantee the good operation of their immunological system.

This larva is considered an exotic food in the Amazon tourism, also is one of the most consumed food of the Wuitotos natives, mojojoy were even the replacement of the fish in season of shortage avoiding the undernourishment of the tribes.

The worms are found in “the Moriches” palms of the region, the travelers of the Amazon jugle tour that has proven the worms assure that the flavor is similar to the peanut in addition that is exquisite.

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