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Explore the jungle

Amazon Heliconia nature reserve is located in the Amazonian rainforest next to the Javari River, which is a tributary of the Amazon River and the frontier with the Peruvian territory.

Heliconia is a perfect place to spend your Amazon vacation and take an excursion in the jungle, is a unique place where you can see and do amazing things only available there.

Amazon rainforest includes over 7 million kilometres of dense flora, making Amazon rainforest a paradisiacal place, attractive to practice ecotourism.

The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world with an extension of 6.275 kilometres, it is born in the mountain chain of the Andes, on Peruvian territory and It ends in Pará State, north Brasil.

Heliconia nature reserve, has a great biodiversity, you can practice Amazon ecotourism activities such as fishing, rainforest birdwatching, canopying, and others.

About the fauna, Amazon has hundreds of mammal’s species, over 1.500 different bird species, millions of insects, a huge number of reptiles, amphibians and microorganisms, many of which still have not qualified

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Species to observe

Amazon jungle is an enigmatic place, a piece of the virgin jungle full of magic.

Is a paradisiacal place, ideal to see the immensity of the jungle, this beautiful place gives you the opportunity to be in contact with nature and to practice amazon ecotourism activities.

In the immensity of the Amazon jungle, tourist may practice rainforest birdwatching, a unique activity that allows to witness the behavior of the birds in the wild, the tourist may see birds such as toucans, parrots, macaws, hummingbirds and falcons.

In your Amazon jungle tour, you can also found: insects and big mammals such as Jaguars, pumas, dantas and deers. Reptiles such as tortoises, caymans and serpents (like the famous anaconda).

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Jungle Lodge

At our Amazon lodge you will find an infrastructure designed for our visitor's comfort and enjoyment that guarantee the pleasant Amazon excursions. Our delicious and exotic dishes, our folk art shop, our bar and our extreme sport attractions will bring you closer to nature, so you can make your tour safely and enjoyably.

At this Amazon travel, you also have the chance to discover the different flavors and the autochthonous dishes from this jungle.

A private cabin completely organic, has a bath and shower, equipped with beds, lamps, and all the basic things you need to rest in the Amazon rainforest tours.

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During the dry season (June - September), the water level of the river is considerably lower, revealing beautiful white sandy beaches and tranquil waters.